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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Partially Yes. It is located in Beejadi Village which is just 750 meters to Beach. You can Listen to Sea Tidal Waves Sound Clearly during calm nights.

It is around 0.5 KM from the Place.

Yes all the rooms are with attached bath room.

It takes around 20 Minutes by road from Kundapura to reach Adigas Beach Village Home Stay and just 30 minutes drive from Udupi City. Take Direct buses to Udupi or Kundapur from Bangalore or from any of your convenient places. Get Down at Kundapur or Udupi. Take a Local Transportation and reach Kumbashi / Beejadi Stop. Our Staff will pickup to the place from your bus stop.

Distance from major cities to Adiga’s Beach Village Home Stay (Reach Beejadi Stop)

Bangalore – 460 Kms | Mysore – 480 Kms | Hassan – 250 Kms | Mangalore – 60 Kms

This depends on the mode of transport you are using and the time of the day you are traveling. Indicative Travel duration from Bengaluru is shown below:

Car: If you depart from Bangalore early morning before 5:30AM or in non-peak hours, The Total Traveling Time will be 7 hours to Beejadi (Via Mangaluru and Udupi) including Food and Other breaks. If you Depart Bengaluru at peak hours – Minimum 8-9 hours required to reach Beejadi (including breaks).

KSRTC Bus or Travels: Generally 8-10 hours to reach Kundapura or Udupi (Including Food and Other Breaks)

Nearest Airport: Mangaluru International Airport, Bajpe. (60 Kms)

Nearest Railway Station: Kundapura – 10Kms (Konkan Railway)

Extremely safe. Adigas Beach Village Home Stay is possibly Udupi’s best kept secret traditional Home with the magnificent 100 years old ancestral property of the Adiga’s family. Home is surrounded by Coconut Trees and some Forest trees. The Home Stay is located in the heart of Typical Sea Shore calm village that feels wonderfully stuck in time. It’s so private that from the outside, there are no signs that it exists.

On the road, there’s simply a nondescript gate. Apart from the fact that it’s manned by a security guard, it gives nothing away, no hint of what lies beyond it. However, inside the gate is a 2 acre paradise where nature is nurtured. You won’t have to bother about a thing. However, our advice for people is that they take care of their belongings with basic care.

We have Call on Doctor Facility in the Place. However, The nearest hospital that can treat emergencies is in Kundapura – 15 kms (less than 20 mins). There are regular Sophisticated Medical Centres in Koteshwara – 5 kms (less than 10 mins). If you are suffering from stress induced illnesses, you might find to your surprise that you don’t remember them here.

Just any season is great to visit this place amongst nature. Monsoon is obviously the best as it rains cats and dogs and everything in between for about 3 months starting mid June. The sea shore rains are a sight to behold. Rain is nature and can be enjoyed without catching colds or fevers in this place.

Usually snakes are very very rare in the vicinity as there are Peacocks lives in the Home Stay Garden. We haven’t seen snakes recently. But even though snakes are visible, they are harmless, Non-venomous. Anyhow, naturally this is their home as much as it is ours.

Maximum a total Count of 40-45 Guests (including children) can be comfortably managed. Minimum Number of Guests expected (but not compulsory) during booking is 8 Members (Approximately Two to Three Families Count). Three Number of Double Rooms and One Common Dormitory is allotted if Maximum Occupancy Reached. Also Multiple Families will be accommodated at the same time.

We have several Indoor games: Scrabble, Chess, Carrom and Shuttle Badminton with-in the Compound.

Several Karnataka Traditional board games: Pagade, Aluguli Mane, Chowka Bara etc.

We have a full-fledged a cricket set for sports lovers. Cycling is available with limit No. of Bicycles.

For School Children – Kite Flying, Birds Watch, Sea Bath, Moon Light Walk, Moon Light Party, Camp Fire, Seashore Trekking, Sand Art will be the activities.

Yes. The entire home has backup power through Home UPS System. Specific lights in each area, including rooms have switches that are connected to UPS ensuring that you have sufficient lighting in the case of power failures.

We do not have any TV or AC at Adiga’s Beach Village Home Stay as the weather is good round the year. The Courtyard design makes summers quite manageable, indeed pleasantly manageable.

Like mentioned earlier, this is the home of all kinds of beautiful little forms of life, including bugs. We have found that most of them are extremely friendly and are willing to have a conversation. We do have mosquito nets and employ simple techniques to ward off mosquitoes at night time.

Yes. With a notice of 30 mins, we can help you switch on a geyser, or use our solar or Traditional Timber boiler to provide hot water for your bathing and cleaning needs.

We Serve Home Made Hygienic Pure Karnataka Karavali Style Vegetarian food. Strictly Non Veg Food is not provided, will not Supply or Parcels not allowed inside the Stay.

No. we don’t have any Restaurants. We have fully fledged Kitchen with-in the Home Stay and all the food with us are prepared by a local South Canara Brahmin Cook. We Serve Pure Karavali Style Vegetarian Foods that are Prepared Fresh, on spot and no artificial taste will be added.

In fact we need to give long explanation. It is not the Fact. Our Packages Offers Minimum Stay of 3 Days 2 Nights which includes Food, Accommodation and Activities. In fact the main problem with this type of guest is they expects alcohol and Non-Veg Food. As we are very strictly non alcoholic and No Non-Veg Food type Home Stay, we are not even allowing bringing External Alcohol and Non-Veg Food Parcels also. Any other Typical Resorts and Home Stays Provides both in house. That’s why they might be feeling like so.

Please note, The true guest who are busy in there daily life will never comment our place and treat because they have experienced the places around the world. Irony is, some sort of guests will never get satisfied with any kind of hospitality.

It is purely non alcoholic and No Non-Veg Home Stay we expect our guests to come with families and enjoy the nature rhythm of the sea shore, the color full birds, the local food etc.

In our Home Stay, You get chapati, Idli, Vada, Lemon Rice, Chutney, rice, dry veg curry curds khurma etc as per your taste.

If you are Diabetic or in some other medical diet, you please inform your food menu in prior our staff or cook. Our cook will prepare food according to that.

It is a Yakshagana Show. Yakshagana ಯಕ್ಷಗಾನ (yakṣagāna, [jəkʃəɡaːnə]) is a traditional theatre form that combines dance, music, dialogue, costume, make-up, and stage techniques with a unique style and form. They presents the sequences and concepts taken from Hindu Mythology Stories. This theatre style is mainly found in the coastal districts and the Malenadu region of Karnataka, India. We will arrange a Yakshagana Show if No. of Guests available atleast 20 Members.